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For more than 20 years, the Brass Tacks Orchestra has provided the finest in live music throughout the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania tri-state area.

From ballroom dancing, charity galas, and weddings, to private parties and even casual concerts under the stars, the band provides an outstanding mix of dance and party music guaranteed to keep the dance floor moving, toes tapping and guests raving about your event for weeks to come.

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  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Weddings
  • Galas and Charitable Events
  • Concerts
Providing dance music for accomplished dancers as well as the social dancer requires knowledge and experience: the Brass Tacks Orchestra has both and can provide a beautiful palette on which the dancer can create their art.

Ballroom dancing, at any level, is art and the music is it's canvas. It requires an understanding of such artistry to provide true ballroom dance music; members of the Brass Tacks Orchestra are ballroom dancers themselves and possess full appreciation of the art. Our shows present a night of pure entertainment and top level ballroom dance music.

Special attention is always given to knowledge of our client's dance style, organization of set lists to provide just the right order and variety of dances, accurate and precise tempos and the all important inner rhythms which create the “feel” that make you want to get up and dance.

Please contact us to discover how The Brass Tacks Orchestra can help make your dance the talk of the town.
The Brass Tacks Orchestra provides the impressive sight and sounds of a full 17-piece orchestra to keep your guests raving about your reception for years to come at a price that will pleasantly surprise you. We play a wide variety of classic dance and party music of every era, including Latin, disco, rock, and swing. Because of our musical diversity, there is something to keep everyone - from grandparents to nieces and nephews – dancing and smiling all night long. 

We promise not to blast you out with loud music. Our professional sound engineer directs the sound to the dance floor while allowing friends and family to comfortably socialize at their tables.

From the moment you engage us we will begin to work with you in planning the day of your life. From the cocktail hour, dinner music, dance music, continuous music during breaks and formal announcements the Brass Tacks Orchestra supports the entire reception with professionalism, elegance and sophistication.

Our services are priced to be competitive with the other wedding entertainment options.  Please contact us to discover how the Brass Tacks Orchestra can make your wedding reception truly unforgettable.
The Brass Tacks Orchestra offers top notch, professional musical entertainment at a very reasonable cost so more money goes to your cause and less to overhead and production costs. We work with you in developing the agenda and program for entertainment to ensure a seamless flow for your gala, corporate event or charity ball.  From cocktail hour music to the last dance of the evening, no detail is overlooked.

Rewarding your guests with a great evening is important to the success of your current event and to building the memories which will bring guests back year after year.  Your guests will happily dance the night away to the impressive sight and sounds of a live 17-piece orchestra with selections to meet every musical taste. The Brass Tacks Orchestra adds a feeling of elegance and sophistication that will be truly appreciated by all in attendance. 

Please contact us to discover how The Brass Tacks Orchestra can help make you event a huge success.
Our live concerts are a showcase of the “big band” sound of 1940’s swing music, classic Frank Sinatra, and authentic arrangements of The Great American Songbook. Whether you are sitting in a calm darkened theater or in a park on a warm summer evening awash in the sound of live music, the sound of a singer surrounded by saxophones, trumpets and trombones transports you back to a time when great music was written and played by live musicians. Such is the experience of the Brass Tacks Orchestra in concert.

The Brass Tacks Orchestra is noted for attracting the largest audiences to performance venues in our area.  We accomplish this by playing music you want to hear; music that moves you and puts a smile on your face.  Our fans are thrilled by the sound of the Brass Tacks and our incomparable male and female vocalists.  We are available year round for performances in public and private venues such as clubs, churches and community centers.

Please contact us to discover how The Brass Tacks Orchestra can help bring back those special memories.