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You look like a "big band", do you play just big band swing music?

Absolutely not. The Brass Tacks Orchestra is a 17 piece dance band and we play all genre’s and styles of music. We play the great classic standard music of every era, including Latin, disco, and rock, as well as swing. Because of our musical diversity, we nicely fit into just about any venue and event.

At the time of booking, we thoroughly discuss the make up of your guests and theme of you event to determine what musical styles would be the best fit to assure that the dance floor stays full throughout the night.

How much does it cost to hire an orchestra? - It is a large group, you must be expensive, right?

In fact we’re not. After getting a quote, most people are very surprised at how affordable The Brass Tacks Orchestra really is.

We try to price ourselves in the same range as much smaller bands. This way we keep working and we have lots of very happy customers.

After their affair is over, most people feel that they got more than their money’s worth.

Can you make the band smaller?

The simple answer is…no. Our musical arrangements are written for a 17 piece band. For more than 80 years the 17 piece band has set the benchmark for optimal ensemble sound.

The sound of The Brass Tacks is full, rich and lush and you can have that sound for about the same price as a smaller band.

Once you hear this sound in a live setting, you won't want to settle for anything less.

What kind of instruments are in an orchestra?

The Brass Tacks Orchestra is comprised of 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and 4 in the rhythm section - piano, bass, guitar and drums.

Are vocalists part of the band?

We have two outstanding vocalists, male and female, who are an integral part of the band and show their versatility singing any style of music.

In addition, we have male and female backing vocals which provide an additional layer fullness and support on many of our vocal arrangements.

How much space do you need? - Do you have special electrical power needs?

Fortunately, we rarely have a problem fitting into a room. Most reception halls and ballrooms that accommodate a party that warrants a live band have sufficient space to accommodate the Brass Tacks. Space is always considered during the booking process.

For new venues we always contact the banquet manager and often visit the venue with the hall manager and our client well in advance to work out logistics.

The orchestra's instrumentation is designed for acoustical playing (that is without amplification), so our electrical power needs are very similar to smaller bands.

With all those instruments, you must be very loud. Are you?

We’re aware that loud, overbearing sound can ruin your event. Our sound engineer takes every effort to direct the sound to the dance floor at sound levels perfect for dancing while allowing for comfortable conversation at your table.

When we play a new room, we often visit the venue well in advance to get an idea of the room's acoustics which better enable us to adjust the sound to just the right levels.

Do you provide music for cocktail hour?

For a small additional fee we can provide a piano player, duo or trio for your listening pleasure during the cocktail hour.

How do I book the band for my event?

This is the easiest part of all. Just call 609-290-3930 (cell) or 609-698-0218 (office) to discuss your event and how the Brass Tacks can best serve your needs. After this, a contract will be sent for your signature. Return the contract along with a 10% deposit to retain the date for your event.

We will then work with you in the months and weeks prior to you event to work out all the details of the night’s program and agenda so that everything flows smoothly that night.

Where can I hear the Brass Tacks?

While many of our events are private parties we do perform at various public venues throughout the year. Please see our Calendar for a full list of currently booked events.

It is also possible to hear us at our weekly rehearsals where we would be glad to present a showcase. Please call us at 609-290-3930 (cell) or 609-698-0218 (office), or send us an email for more information.

What other services do you provide?

After you book an event with us, if you wish, we will assist you in the planning of your event and any special musical selections you may desire. Because of our extensive experience in performing at various events we are able to advise you in matters that make the evening flow seamlessly.

We provide appropriate CD music during the band breaks and can also work with you to arrange for special selections during the planning of your event.